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Wippenberg resurrects classic 'Neurodancer' for 2013 sequel

Over the course of the past five years, Wippenberg has made his mark with authentic progressive house, most notably on hits such as “Pong” and “Chakalaka.” But the veteran has been perfecting the craft of electronica production since the 1990s, and has historically avoided genre typecasting with unrestrained dance floor gems. Perhaps his most notable contribution had been 1995’s “Neuro Dancer,” his acid house-meets-hard trance record that remains one of the world’s most stipulated vinyls to date.

Resurrecting the namesake, Wippenberg brings his heralded tune back to life almost 20 years later with the release of “Neurodancer 2013.” The follow up from Doorn Records has the original’s thumping blend of acid and trance polished and warped around a progressive backbone. While the newest visit of “Neurodancer” has a “2013” prefix, it remains true to the era in which the original was born as Wippenberg gives Doorn a modernly mastered effort without jeopardizing timelessness.

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