Zedd & Kevin Drew remix 'Stay The Night' [Preview]Staythenight

Zedd & Kevin Drew remix 'Stay The Night' [Preview]

There are times when original productions beg for added flair, and Zedd and Hayley Williams‘ “Stay The Night” is one such track. It’s particularly interesting to see where remixes are headed when the producer revisits his own work, and yesterday Zedd unveiled a retouched version of his 2013 anthem. Credit, however, must also go to New Jersey’s Kevin Drew, who helped give the more emotional and melodic original a sturdier, electro body. Hayley Williams’ angelic vocals remain untouched, but the build’s added percussion creates a stronger command. Where heads will truly turn is at the drop, accented with vigorous electro synths that afford an unprecedented energy not found in the original.

Release date: January 7th

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