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A-Trak adds cool factor to Cadillac commercial

There really aren’t too many cats cooler than A-Trak. The transcendent turntablist is hailed as one of the most masterfully skilled disc jockeys alive, nearly single-handedly keeping the hallowed art of vinyl scratching alive. The ringleader of Fool’s Gold Records and one half of Duck Sauce is featured in Cadillac’s new commercial for the 2015 ATS coupe, showing off his art form in impeccably grand fashion. Cadillac’s iconic status as an American brand automobile, matched with A-Trak’s incomparable, ultra-refined level of fly certainly makes for a enticing advertisement.

What might appear to be just another television commercial for Cadillac, is actually more a showcasing of A-Trak’s unparalleled ingenuity as he finesses mixing techniques that would make Grandmaster Flash proud. Commanding the cross fader like nobody else can, A-Trak spins, chops, and scratches Cadillac music of old into the 21st century. Flossy vinyls marked with Caddy logos turn as the master does his work from a dark pulpit, making for a silk-smooth, savvy commercial.

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