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Buku’s sound engineering shines on ‘Down’ EP

While Buku has released multiple bass-centered successes in his time as an impossible-to-categorize producer, the darker undertones of the rising American talent’s releases have kept him from breaking through into the electronic spotlight. Releasing on Pilot Records, the artist’s Down EP weighs down the listener in the exact way its title suggests, lending the heaviness that Buku’s music has provided since his earliest tracks. Down offers a natural yet exciting progression of Buku’s talent, proving increasing talent in meticulous mixing and mastering work from the Pittsburgh-raised DJ, and masterful sound engineering that the even most critical audiophile would be fond of.

Beginning with the album’s title track, Buku immediately drowns a chopped vocal sample with heavy percussion before stealing the show with thickened bass wobbles. As the track suggests, the track pitches down throughout, creating the restrictive yet enticing environment that Buku works so well within. Fantastic low ends are complemented by a swirling synth before this small light is drenched by the downward force of “Down.”

The trap-influenced artist brings the listener back up with a softer start to “No One Does,” the second track of three on Buku’s latest release. Heavily processed drums take to the front as the percussion is met with synth resistance in the lead to the track’s climax. Following an aggressive sweep, an intensely groovy electro-inspired chord progression attacks the track’s status quo, leaving a refreshing taste and feel for Buku’s production advancements.

Buku’s latest offering reaches its fullest potential with its closing track, “Click Clack.” While far and away the most urban-inspired track on the project, Buku’s fat bass line dances with the hard-hitting 808s throughout the track’s front half, creating an upbeat tune that maintains head-bobbing authenticity. The DJ progresses to a more aggressive riff when the bass is reintroduced, violently interrupting the track’s driven intentions for a short while. Buku eases up, closing the EP with a spacey feel and a “to be continued”-stylized vibe.

Rejecting the typical notion that all electronic music should be dance-floor ready, Buku creates a unique and adventurous atmosphere that pushes bass fans to the limits, challenging their taste and pinning them to the floor with heavy leads. Buku’s mixing and engineering certainly shines through on his Down EP , a release that proves the artist’s resilience in genre-bending production.

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