Chuckie takes listeners back in time with 'Poco Man Jam 2k14' [Free Download]Artworks 000067057389 Or54el T

Chuckie takes listeners back in time with 'Poco Man Jam 2k14' [Free Download]

Dirty Dutch head honcho Chuckie gives dance music fans a history lesson with his one-of-a-kind track, “Poco Man Jam 2k14.” One would expect a bleepy electro house track – a classic element of Chuckie’s work –  but his latest release is not quite what fans would anticipate. “Poco Man Jam 2k14” is an uptempo dancehall record inspired by what the Dutchman listened to growing up in Holland throughout the 90’s. The technique, commonly known as “bubbling,” featuring a juiced up BPM to deliver an uptempo vibe. What was once simply sped-up vocals has translated into today’s interpretation of “bubbling” through choppy synths, scratches, drums, and elaborate builds. “Poco Man Jam 2k14” is a vibrant record filled with extra snares that draws influences from tribal to reggae. Although it is not music that Chuckie would ordinarily throw out to fans, he has high hopes that the track will help further delineate his origins and musical background.

“Poco Man Jam 2k14” is available for free download below.

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