[DA Exclusive] Cash Cash x Adrian Lux – Bullet (Original Mix) [Free Download]Cash Cash Adrian Lu Bullet

[DA Exclusive] Cash Cash x Adrian Lux – Bullet (Original Mix) [Free Download]

Cash Cash and Adrian Lux come out of nowhere with the first surefire club hit of 2014. Dubbed “Bullet,” the guys mold their complimentary styles together pairing Lux’s perfectly developed melodies with Cash Cash’s edgy electro grit. The resulting melting pot of sounds is forged into an ideal peak time output, one that aims straight for center mass with a revolver shot of high calibre synth stabs and ebbing piano rolls.

The unlikely partnership sprung up after a late night (or early morning?) spent in Las Vegas and from there everything just fell into place naturally. Cash Cash told Dancing Astronaut; “Working with Adrian was dope, we vibed right away and just started bouncing ideas off each other. Playing around with melodies, different sounds, just trying to let the creativity flow.”

Lux had this to say; “It was epic and super fun working with the Cash Cash boys! We vibed out in their big-ass house in New Jersey and got extremely creative, swapped ideas, stayed up late working in shifts! We also played a lot of pool and ate tons of spaghetti which sparked the workflow! I think what we made is an awesome clash between our sounds! Hope You Enjoy It!”

It seems the key to any great production is spaghetti.

Grab this one for free, exclusively from Dancing Astronaut.

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