DA Premiere: Aston Shuffle – Tear It Down (Ivan Gough Remix)AstonShuffle TearItDown ITunes

DA Premiere: Aston Shuffle – Tear It Down (Ivan Gough Remix)

Enroute to their debut album and with “Tear It Down” alongside Will Heard still holding high esteem across the board, The Aston Shuffle employs homeland peer Ivan Gough to re-imagine their cool indie dance cut in a whole new light.¬†Where the Aston’s original kept the radio friendly ranks of indie dance in check, Gough embraces its core melodic stamina only to turn it on its head with a dose of mechanical big room aptitude. It’s the calibre we’ve come to expect from the Aussie label hopper, making this diverse remix package alongside Adapt or Die, Safia and Indian Summer alike a truly accomplished extension of the imaginative stamina this Australian duo’s output is striking throughout the industry.

Release date: TBC

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