DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 50Smm No Week1

DA’s Sunday Morning Medicine: Volume 50

Sunday Morning Medicine is a feature from Dancing Astronaut dedicated to the mellower side of electronic music. We bring you our favorite therapeutic selections — old and new — in an attempt to alleviate the agonizing effects of a long weekend of partying.

This week’s edition of Sunday Morning Medicine features an eclectic mix of downtempo, jazz-infused electronica, and ’90s house rhythms. These are tunes guaranteed to keep the energy level mellow and the mood bright.

1. Xen Nightz – Manhattan

The jazziest track of this week’s SMM, “Manhattan” doesn’t lack the driving percussive elements that all listeners of dance music are accustomed to, though they are syncopated here – a far from unwelcome departure from the norm. The song evokes at the same time hope and melancholy, wanderlust and homesickness – in other words, a bevy of emotions across the human spectrum.

2. Floating Points – Myrtle Avenue

Floating Point’s “Myrtle Avenue” is just about as classy as downtempo electronica can get.

3. Super Flu – Shneeblee

Super Flu’s “Shneeble” builds a mellow groove, stringing you along with its delightful ambience.

4. Mar – Man x Woman

Mar’s “Man x Woman” layers R&B vocals over a stripped down house beat and bassline, excelling in its minimalism.

5. Hurlee – Im Free

Hurlee’s “Im Free” employs off-color melodies and vocal warping for an laid back yet upbeat approach.

6. Disclosure – F For You (Roy Davis Jr. Mix)

Keeping with the funky, future garage vibe, Roy Davis Jr. offers a deep and engaging spin on Disclosure’s “F For You.”


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