Deadmau5 airs nightclub audience and promoters complaints; looks forward to his own 'big show' in the workss2 043

Deadmau5 airs nightclub audience and promoters complaints; looks forward to his own 'big show' in the works

After taking a vow of silence on Twitter, successfully unveiling his comprehensive and community-driven live stream fan site and looking out for his fans by publicly demanding ticket price slashes for his New City Gas performance, it seemed as though Deadmau5 was determined to enter the new year with a fresh perspective and positive resolutions. However, it seems like the Canadian producer’s ‘glass half-full’ outlook may have soured during his Miami New Year’s Day performance at Mansion Nightclub. After posting an Instagram of his evening audience, Joel broke his Twitter silence to voice his dismay: “Lol at the entire front row glued to their fucking phones,” and later threw a sarcastic thank you to Mansion’s official Twitter page.

In an attempt to stay true to his leave of absence in the Twitter-sphere, Deadmau5 headed into his chat room on to further explain his grievances. “Putting fans in the back and trust fund kids up front is fucking stupid … I’d rather rent a venue, parking lot, or beachfront and do it right,” he explained before revealing his decision to avoid playing at any Miami clubs in the future. It seemed as though Joel had been holding back other event-related frustrations as he continued to dive into problems with the New York New Year’s Eve Show which received a great deal of attention before it’s official announcement a few months earlier. “Seriously, who does an event for NYE with no alcohol, and THEN makes it 18+?” The Mau5 rhetorically retorted in reference to the event’s decision to lower the age limit and restrict alcohol at the venue after shooting out a defeated, unofficial apology Tweet on NYE.

Despite Zimmerman’s “seriously shaky start” to 2014, the producer looks forward to pushing aside the negativity and moving forward to bigger and better things. “We’re trying our best to shoot for Fall for the ‘big ass show’ project we’ve been working on for the past two years, but worst case, spring 2015 … My own tour, my own venues, my own prices, my own policies.”

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