Disclosure align with hip-hop legend Q-Tip and R&B queen Mary J. BligeDisclosure1 0917

Disclosure align with hip-hop legend Q-Tip and R&B queen Mary J. Blige

Breaking through as some of last year’s most revered artists, Disclosure¬†took electronica and set its bar only a few steps away from being labeled as anything but electronic dance music. To no surprise, industry leaders from those nearing places are now turning to the UK duo for their steadily trending production hand.

Now up to the plate is Q-Tip, a legend in the hip-hop community that’s made his mark as one of the most talented MCs to live with a veteran career as a solo artist and as part of A Tribe Called Quest. The rapper took to Instagram this weekend to reveal that he’s been in the studio with Guy and Howard Lawrence. The potential for such collaboration is limitless, as he could be seeking beats for an upcoming album or even personally joining the brothers for co-production. Even an appearance from Disclosure on the rumored A Tribe Called Quest reunion can’t be ruled out, but more will soon unfold on the joining of great talents.

Their venture into hip-hop’s golden gates doesn’t end there, as Mary J. Blige has recently joined the duo on stage at New York City’s Terminal 5 to perform “F For U” live. While a collaborative project with the R&B queen would be pure speculation at this point, it does stack up with the confirmed Q-Tip project to point to an ambiguous but exciting future for Disclosure.

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