DVBBS & VINAI – Raveology (Original Mix)Dvbbs Vinai Raveology

DVBBS & VINAI – Raveology (Original Mix)

Although still relatively new to the scene, DVBBS have already completed the most difficult step in claiming their titles among the global dance music community – producing their breakthrough track. Now that “Tsunami” has outlined Canadian duo Alex and Chris Andre’s capabilities as artists, they can only continue their upward momentum. Poised for their next smash, the pair have revealed their collaboration with Italian brothers Alessandro and Andrew Vinai of VINAI with a preview of their newest output, “Raveology.” Alex discloses to Billboard that “‘Raveology’ is definitely a way of life. It’s a worldwide culture that is growing, and is a salvation to many people. To live a life of happiness and freedom is what raveology is all about.”

Many try to refrain from using the term “rave” as it often bears negative connotations. However, it seems as though Alex and Chris find what some call “rave culture” to be perfectly acceptable, possibly even encouraged. “Raveology” is characterized by a melodic lead, authoritative percussion and elevating synths styled much like sirens. The track finds itself caught between big room and electro house, hovering slightly more toward the latter with its borderline gritty attributes.

Via: Billboard