Eliza Doolittle – Walking on Water (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free Download]BielBoys Walking On Water

Eliza Doolittle – Walking on Water (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free Download]

In light of their inaugural release of 2014, the Bixel Boys have chosen to enter the new year with their vocal intensive remix of Eliza Doolittle’s “Walking On Water.” Melodic chord work is overlaid with the Brit’s enticing vocals, quickly developing into the unparalleled wave of tech house for which the Boys are are best known. Where┬áRob May and Ian Macpherson excel is in the track’s constant transformation from one revolutionary sound to the next. Whereas the duo’s remix of Goldroom’s “Embrace,” for example, was relatively consistent throughout, fans don’t find this same coherence in “Walking On Water.” Rather, this makeover is packed into multiple layers of sounds from start to finish that must be carefully unraveled, beckoning only the most attentive of listeners. As one of their most dynamic releases yet, the Bixel Boys have further demonstrated the mastering of forward-thinking sound and extending their confines beyond the mainstream.

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