Follow Zedd in documentary-style video for acoustic rendition of 'Stay the Night'

In November, Zedd released an understated acoustic EP that reworked six of the producer’s most notable tracks. “Stay the Night,” Zedd’s most recent single release which was also a standout on Zedd’s acoustic album, features Hayley Williams’ crisp vocals alongside the lifts and leaps of a modern day love song. Today, Zedd has released a video short in accompaniment to “Stay the Night” that follows the duo’s studio session and concludes with Zedd’s final sold-out tour stop in Los Angeles. Zedd’s work comes to life as he puts the final touches on his tour production with interludes of Hayley’s piercing vocal recording and several guest appearances from friends and fellow producers Dillon Francis, Skrillex and Deadmau5. Despite the video’s subtle demeanor, there’s an important teaser to catch right as the video begins: a hint at a documentary crew at work means there may a bigger forthcoming production in the works for Zedd’s story.

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