Goldroom returns for a hometown rendezvous [Review]IMG 1705

Goldroom returns for a hometown rendezvous [Review]

After recently being announced as part of Delaware’s Firefly Music Festival lineup, Texas’ annual SXSW, and Ultra Music Festival where he will make his debut – all while balancing his own ongoing international tour schedule – it’s hard to imagine that Josh Legg, more commonly known as Goldroom, has even a moment of free time. So when the Los Angeles-based producer began whispering about an impromptu secret hometown show, it was a rare and relished opportunity knocking on the City of Angels’ door.

The Short Stop was already teeming with people with still an hour to go before his unannounced set. At midnight, Goldroom appeared in the corner of the dance floor, behind an understated DJ booth reflecting glints of the massive disco ball adorning the main room. After a brief introduction and a strong round of cheers, “Embrace” kicked through the speakers as visuals of Goldroom’s signature Los Angeles sunset skyline projected onto walls around the dance floor.

The audience rode in harmony along with Josh as he grooved to his nu disco wave through a remix of Lancelot’s “We Can Dance” and a drop into the pop kick of his own “Only You Can Show Me,” encouraging the bold individuals in the crowd to down the last of their drinks, grab a partner, and snap and sway to the beat. Smiles glowed under streaks of neon lighting as the crowd began to thicken and a soft swell of hollering marked a welcome embrace for the deep house beats of Cassian and Aeroplanes.

Despite Goldroom’s signature chilled, easygoing sound, there was no shortage of energy swirling around the room throughout the two hour set. Swinging effortlessly between his alluring Embrace tracks to the heavier, deep vibes of songs like Cassian’s remix of “Hurricane,” an undeniable charm seeps through Josh Legg’s vibrant tunes, through the speakers, and straight into his crowd. Attendees mouthed along to a reworked rendition of “Fifteen” and without missing a beat, began jumping and whooping to Disclosure‘s “Fire Starts to Burn.” The evening began to wind down, but the glowing, feel-good mood lingered long after the Los Angeles producer said his final thank you, packed up his bag, and headed out the door.

Check out some photos from the night.

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