Headhunterz – Colors (Yellow Claw Remix)HeadhunterzColorsYellowClaw

Headhunterz – Colors (Yellow Claw Remix)

Nowadays, it seems you can’t search for new trap without seeing Yellow Claw busting out new material. The Dutch trio is back with a new remix on Ultra Records, reworking a single by your favorite hardstyle juggernaut, Headhunterz. Yellow Claw simplifies their fellow Dutchman’s original melodic progression into its backbone chords under Tatu’s bright vocals. They keep the rugged elements within the screeching razor lead of the drop, and if you pay attention you’ll catch a glimpse of some integrated hardstyle kick fills in the midst of the high-hat clusters. Another great remix by these guys as we patiently wait for warm festival season.

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