Krewella – Human (Lazer Lazer Lazer & Kruce Remix) [Preview]Lazer Lazer Lazer

Krewella – Human (Lazer Lazer Lazer & Kruce Remix) [Preview]

Though dubstep took the backseat to trap in 2013, a sort of bass music renaissance swelled just under the mainstream and now appears ready to crest. While Krewella‘s debut Get Wet album married drops with pop, Lazer Lazer Lazer has teamed up with Kruce to bring the bass back to the trio’s ballad “Human.” The track is only the fifth remix for the LA native and the first for the mysterious Kruce, but in it the collaborators prove to have a firm handle on the whole rework thing. Playing with vocal speed, dirtying up the dub and flirting with drums while touching on glitch, the remix adds another dimension, another dimension, and another dimension to the once-emotional tune. Right now only available for your streaming pleasure, the remix’s release date — and the duo’s identity — remains under wraps.

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