Lancelot feat. Antony & Cleopatra – Givin’ It Up / Make Ends Meet (Original Mixes)Lancelot Givin It Up

Lancelot feat. Antony & Cleopatra – Givin’ It Up / Make Ends Meet (Original Mixes)

Anjunadeep look set to conquer a few hearts at the outset of 2014. Their inaugural release of the year comes from Sydney’s Lancelot, who arrives to the label armed with two cuts set to woo those still doubting that radio-friendly convention and club functionality can coexist. “Givin’ It Up” is the crux of where solid house music meets the heartrending hallmarks of a ballad, the collision of which makes for one hell of a mature stab at bringing the commercial market and the club floor onto the same wavelength. While “Make Ends Meet” takes a similar and more fluidly structured standpoint, the emotive and imitable edge Aussie duo Antony & Cleopatra brings to the equation is a strong suit for label and Sir Lancelot alike.  With a swanky new video and an MK remix enroute, this is unlikely to be the last time you hear about this pair of impressively dealt cuts. But for fear of letting namesakes draw any much-deserved attention from the source, Anjunadeep can be charged with setting a precedent once thought implausible to emerge from an independent British label.

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