Lil Jon – Outta Your Mind (Candyland's OG Marquee Remix) [Free Download]Candyland

Lil Jon – Outta Your Mind (Candyland's OG Marquee Remix) [Free Download]

After up-and-coming Santa Barbara duo Candyland made two major announcements – a new residency at Marquee Las Vegas and an upcoming Killer Fro tour with Kill Paris – it was only fitting that a new release was also in order. Thus, Ethan and Josie present to fans their Trap Marquee Remix of Lil Jon’s “Outta Your Mind,” which has become a staple in their sets nationwide and beyond. There is nothing more that listeners would hope for than a dirty, sweat-inducing and danceable anthem, and the pair’s rendition of “Outta Your Mind” meets every expectation. A festival-worthy interpretation, Ethan and Josie’s remix maintains the integrity of Lil Jon’s infamous vocals but incorporates rejuvenating flavors and energies that the original lacked. Lil Jon’s production is simplistic and uses instrumentals minimally, whereas Candyland’s framework is inspired by fast-paced electro synths, 808 drums, and a spritz of bass.

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