Route 94 – My Love (Patrick Hagenaar Remix) [Preview]Hangenaar

Route 94 – My Love (Patrick Hagenaar Remix) [Preview]

The sudden gold rush of commercially viable house has led some to believe that the day of the big room sound is nigh. Holland’s Patrick Hagenaar has other ideas, turning his hand to Route 94’s emotive major label debut “My Love” in the uplifting fashion we have come to expect from the fast ascending Ministry of Sound resident. Through striking melodic progressions and a notable kick of pace, Hagenaar’s remodel shows the strength still available to this popular yet notably saturated sound when placed in the right hands. Bandwagon fans and house elitists alike are unlikely to swoon at the heels, but on the merits of quality alone Patrick Hagenaar emerges as an artist with both the talent and fibre to dominate the industry in 2014.

Release date: TBC

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