Sammy Bananas hits back with four-track vintage odyssey ‘Flexin’ [EP Review]Flein

Sammy Bananas hits back with four-track vintage odyssey ‘Flexin’ [EP Review]

Brooklyn breakout Sammy Bananas has proven a party advocate like few others of the time. For his second solo stint at the mighty hands of Fools Gold, the Flexin EP cuts to the core of that popular flare for nostalgia that has made him essential listening material over the past 12 months. From the EP’s title track through the infectious sax-laden house cut “Never Say,” Sammy convincingly jumps generations of electronic dance advocacy.  Placed somewhere between traditional house and new age garage, “DLMG” plays precursor to the fluid and outspoken “Feel House” – perhaps the most definitive statement to emerge from the four-track odyssey. The lesson is simple: retro flashbacks can still be exciting, modern house music doesn’t need to be pitched down to hit the spot and most critically, North America has a new golden boy at its mercy.

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