Sankeys NYC to reopen post-renovation, here’s what to expectSankeysNewYork091013

Sankeys NYC to reopen post-renovation, here’s what to expect

This Midtown club has something up its sleeve

David Vincent’s Big Apple outpost launched to much fanfare late last year, but if you thought that was all the club had to offer – well, we would have been fooled too. The venue is slated to re-open this weekend, with some key design tweaks in tow.

NYC businessman/DJ Antonio Piacquadio is the proprietor of Sankeys NYC, and under his leadership the club is taking a page out of its Sankeys Ibiza playbook and recruiting graffiti artists to tag up the basement. According to a source familiar with the matter, no less than 30 of New York’s top graffiti artists were recruited for the effort. (Piacquadio also has interests in the expansion of the Space brand in New York, but that’s a different story).

On the main floor, venuegoers can expect enhanced lighting technology. Management of the club promises innovative technology yet unseen in NYC, and if that’s true, we’ll be reporting back on it.

The venue is coinciding its reopening with its Tribal Sessions party. The event on the 7th features techno godfather Jeff Mills.

Finally, the club promises a heavy-hitter laden lineup for February. Given Sankeys’ track record with bookings, an eclectic mix of techy house music shouldn’t come as a surprise.