‘Without You’: Size Records set bar high for 2014 with Junior Sanchez kick-offJunior Sanchez Feat. Cece Peniston Without You Preview

‘Without You’: Size Records set bar high for 2014 with Junior Sanchez kick-off

Criticism of big-room electronic music had been at an all-time high throughout the past year, and slamming the syntheticism of such tracks was arguably the genre’s common denominator in 2013. “But it sounds like ‘Animals'” was the new “But it sounds like ‘Atom’,” and “they all sound the same” was the complaint towards the majority artists and labels almost every music mundane Monday. All the while, Size Records¬†steered away from outing generic material, treating each release with distinct originality and eventually spawning a sister imprint in X to gear that attitude in the directions of more traditional house.

Moving into a new calendar, dance music’s most revered team of creatives are ready to bring a storm strong enough to wipe out all generic efforts in it’s path. Today, Monday, the first Monday of 2014, there will be no “they all sound the same” complaints. Size is raising the bar and making a statement with their first branded record of 2014, bridging the gap between energy viable for festival demand and respectability with fierce sonic motions. The gap (which is more gray than black vs white) between the goals of Size and X. And who better to do so than Junior Sanchez.

Delivering “Without You,” Junior brings dance music’s meanest sounds to fruition on the grand-scale. The backbone beat and vocals from legendary house vocalist CeCe Peniston serve as a nostalgic ode to the “good ol’ days” of dance, while satisfying the “new school” is done is similar taste, disguising a roaring assault of sound as the “drop” that has, for one reason or another, become standard (and stale).

Welcome to 2014 — sincerely, Junior Sanchez, Steve Angello, and your friends at Size Records who bring the hope to music mundane Mondays.

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