Snails & ETC!ETC! – Rubbr (Original Mix) [Free Download]Snail ETCETC RUBBR

Snails & ETC!ETC! – Rubbr (Original Mix) [Free Download]

The charm of Jose Guerrero’s ETC!ETC! project does not just come in the form of a strange old moniker. United alongside Canadian peer Snails, the LA-based Mad Decent exponent keeps the abstract for the future movements of trap well and truly on its toes. For the most part, “RUBBR” latches the coarse properties of dubstep to trap’s tempered frame, the product of which is a track as easy gliding as it is mercilessly poised towards the bass favouring sects of electronic dance music. It verifies the attention to brewing towards both temperamental trap enthusiasts, ushering a calendar year for outspoken talents showing the big guns just how well this next generation wave is forming.

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