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Swedish House Mafia to premiere 'Leave The World Behind' documentary at SXSW in March

The holy trinity will officially leave this world behind come March. Since Swedish House Mafia parted ways in March of 2013, the heartbreaking void where the three modern day rock stars once stood together has not been filled. Closing out last year’s Ultra Music Festival, the world said goodbye to The Mafia, who left behind a legacy much larger than life. However, closure for fans is just around the corner: Swedish House Mafia has announced that their documentary Leave This World Behind will premiere in March at this year’s SXSW in Austin.

In October of 2013, just as it seemed the dust had been settled, a trailer for the tell-all documentary of the trio’s journey through unfathomable super-stardom surfaced. Arousing rumors, excitement, and nostalgia all at once, Clip One brought back a rush of emotion for fans all over the world. The trailer brings goosebumps as “One” accentuates footage of the rock star lifestyle, and takes a turn for the somber as footage captures the three best friends being torn to pieces by the very same lifestyle. A sadly sweet composition of “Leave This World Behind” plays as Ultra’s main stage fireworks burst into Miami’s night sky, and Swedish House Mafia says goodbye.

Taking to their twitter to announce the premiere of the full documentary at SXSW, the Mafia will return for a brief moment as fans will have the opportunity at an inside look at their convoluted, breathtaking, grand climb to the top. Behind all the glamour and fame, Swedish House Mafia has a story to tell: come March, we will be eagerly ready to see how it all unfolded.




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