The Aston Shuffle – Tear It Down (Adapt or Die Remix) [Preview]AstonShuffle TearItDown ITunes 1

The Aston Shuffle – Tear It Down (Adapt or Die Remix) [Preview]

Australian stronghold The Aston Shuffle were sealed in the spotlight from the get go of 2014. From its indie dance origins to its Ivan Gough-led big room remodel, “Tear It Down” set a considerably high precedent for the duo’s incoming album. Now, fellow Aussie newcomers Adapt or Die take a stab at the vocal offering, brining with them a welcomingly unconventional twist on the fundamentals of modern house. In a scratchy juxtaposition of low-end churns and nimble melodic play, their remix reaffirms that for all the stagnant house remixes emerging by the dozen, there are still artists taking chances with the utmost effect. Adapt or Die are by no means a household name, but with a few more cuts of this caliber, they just might be.

Release date: February 24th

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