ToneDen offers intuitive website creation for aspiring DJs and producersLogo Big Purp

ToneDen offers intuitive website creation for aspiring DJs and producers

For DJs and producers, effectively marketing one’s self to blogs, labels, and fans is of paramount importance. Aside from the standard social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud, new artists are frequently left wondering what else they can do to further their brand. One of the biggest things lacking from aspiring DJs/producers’ online presence is an official website. Thanks to a new service by the name of ToneDen, however, creating an official artist website just became easier than ever.

Aside from offering customizable page layout and design á la blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, ToneDen’s real draw for musicians is its ability to aggregate and analyze stats from Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud pages. The site has already been picked up by such forward-thinking acts as Girffage and Worthy, as well as Insomniac Discovery Project winners AndDrop!, M35, Slogun &iOh and Fistacuffs.

While a free membership will get you your own customizable website, a $5/month membership will give you access to a one sheet, or electronic press kit, as well as an unbranded website and URL. Check out ToneDen now.

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