UMEK & Groovebox bring Liquid’s ‘Sweet Harmony’ back to lifeUMEK Groovebo Sweet Harmony

UMEK & Groovebox bring Liquid’s ‘Sweet Harmony’ back to life

When Slovenian tech house wizard UMEK and Spanish producer Groovebox get together in the studio, magical things are known to happen. The pair who formerly brought such highly praised creations as “Cause and Effect” and “Rock It Out” into the world return with an incredible reimagining of “Sweet Harmony.” Sampling Liquid’s famous 1992 tune, UMEK and Groovebox maintain the famous piano line while injecting a major groove into the classic hardcore track. The deft collaboration is bursting with nostalgic 90’s rave vibes yet thrown into the modern sphere thanks to UMEK’s signature subbass line and Groovebox’s effortless knack for percussion. The track is out now on Spinnin’ Records.

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