Vicetone – Lowdown (Original Mix) [Preview]Vicetone

Vicetone – Lowdown (Original Mix) [Preview]

In this day and age, a couple of month’s radio silence can mean the end of an upward streak for young and aspiring talents. Not so the case for Dutch breakouts Vicetone. Entering the new year with their debut shot for Spinnin Records, the melodic stronghold makes haste on following up subsequent vocal original “Chasing Time” for Trice Recordings. This time, the game is instrumental set piece “Lowdown.” With its core conventionally big room orientated and its builds as creative as we have come to expect from the young Romero protégés, this is a pretty sharp stab in a crowded area of electronic dance music. Their penchant may seem to be more fluently found in their vocal offerings, but “Lowdown” is enough to assert that Vicetone are planning on upping the momentum now surrounding their name into 2014.

Release date: February 10th

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