Watch This: Bixel Boys premiere debut music video for Black DecemberSteffi1

Watch This: Bixel Boys premiere debut music video for Black December

“Be yourself no matter what; because you only get one life, and it isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out…so don’t listen to the rules or the norms, because nobody can tell you no.

#FREELIFE: Stand for Something.”  —Bixel Boys

Rob May and Ian Macpherson of Bixel Boys take viewers on a stroll down memory lane as they reminisce on some of the most extraordinary moments in sports history. Stamped with the hashtag “#FREELIFE,” synonymous to “Stand for Something,” the music video incorporates the most memorable basketball, football, wrestling, ice hockey, and soccer footage from over the years. For example, we’re exposed to Deion Sanders’ infamous media appearance concerning the Detroit Lions: “I was kind of scared I thought Detroit was gonna take me.  I would’ve asked for so much money they would’ve had to put me on layaway.”

The clip may not be what one might expect as a supplementary visual to the record, but the LA-based duo remind us the importance of standing out via their mantra, #FREELIFE. Living in the moment and not being tied down by  standards are the underlying messages beneath the deep house, tech house and garage medley of sounds that compose “Black December.” In the eyes of Bixel Boys, #FREELIFE is no longer simply a philosophy, but a way of life encouraged for all.

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