Watch This: Nardwuar vs. Diplo Interview

While in Vancouver for his performance at Contact Music Festival, Mad Decent-head Diplo met with Nardwuar, a wacky know-it-all personality from British Columbia. As per usual, the two discussed the roots of the American artist, and even got into discussions regarding the origins of recent music trends. Nardwuar educates both Diplo and the audience with various records from the producer’s past, from vinyls that the twerk-popularizer has sampled before, to new tracks by familiar artists that Nardwuar insists Diplo use. Hiding in the back of the room, Baauer eventually makes a short appearance as the topic switches to the “Harlem Shake” wave that took the US by storm in 2013, before Nardwuar’s famous closing jingle is abruptly (and hilariously) changed by the Mad Decent crew. While Diplo never fails to amaze and entertain, a personal side emerges when he speaks on his musical past and childhood that shows the sincerity of his work. The self-proclaimed Human Serviette certainly lived up to his name next to one of the hottest acts in electronic music today.

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