Who’s behind Musical Freedom’s next mystery card?Dont Go Lose It

Who’s behind Musical Freedom’s next mystery card?

Some might call it peak time publicity, but Musical Freedom’s anonymous teaser tendencies have turned a lot of heads over the past couple of months. The first would emerge as Oliver Helden’s “Gecko,” a no-nonsense U-turn on the label’s everyday standard that quickly scaled the airwaves and Beatport charts alike. Now, their first of 2014 beckons a more familiar footing for Tiësto’s ever expanding imprint. Sampling straight from Hugh Masekela 1984 cult cut “Don’t Go Lose It Baby,” this anonymous version opts for high-octane melodic refinement over Toolroom Record’s earlier attempt to give the South African artist a house-orientated reawakening. As catchy the second time around as it was in its primordial form, time will tell if this is a stroke of new age genius or a cut from one of the industry’s more adept big room players.

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