4 injured in ceiling collapse at Datsik show in ChicagoConcord Music Hall Collapse

4 injured in ceiling collapse at Datsik show in Chicago

A partial ceiling collapse at Chicago’s Concord Music Hall sent three men to the hospital early Saturday morning. Four ambulances were dispatched to the venue, where Datsik’s set was cut short after just 15 minutes. EMTs arrived after a piece of ceiling reportedly shook loose and swung to the floor, causing head and neck injuries in four male patrons. Three were hospitalized, with one sent in critical condition. Though the cause of the collapse has not yet been determined, concertgoers are convinced the Canadian’s heavy bass played a key role. There is no word yet on whether refunds will be issued for the event or when the venue can re-open its doors, but with the city mandating full repairs it is unlikely that 12th Planet will play this Sunday.


React Presents has cancelled the 12th Planet show scheduled for February 9th. For more info, head here.


Chicago I am sincerely sorry the roof collapsed tonight. We had fun while is lasted and I promise we are coming back bigger and badder ❤️

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