Afrojack presents: Nick van de WallUntitled 2

Afrojack presents: Nick van de Wall

One month short of a year ago, Afrojack presented himself to Ultra Music Festival not by his stage name, but as Nick van de Wall. It was there that he opened his set with “Amanda,” and continued to  alternate between his stage and given name personas for a glorious 55 minutes.

Now, Nick has entered a new phase of his life – a phase that is seemingly bright as he recently premiered “Ten Feet Tall” at the Superbowl, announced that a debut album was in the works and proceeded to tease said album for the first time with “Dynamite,” a collaboration between he and Snoop Dogg.

Showing no signs of slowing down, the star has taken a surprisingly different direction with his music. “NickvandeWall” is officially a username on Soundcloud, and as of now six new sounds have been uploaded to the account. “NLW ID,” “Kamehameha,” “Yeah,” “Who Got It,” “Udi” and “Dutch Music Mafia” are each different in their own respects but resemble the familiar, bleepy Dutch house style that elevated Afrojack, or Nick’s, status as a respected producer. With already over 2,000 subscribers, we recommend that Nick van de Wall fans act fast, as the page continues to be updated and altered in real time.

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