Alexander Kowalski – Speaker Attack (Christian Smith’s Tronic Treatment Remix)Speakerattackremi

Alexander Kowalski – Speaker Attack (Christian Smith’s Tronic Treatment Remix)

Given its longevity, techno is a genre in which remarkable homages can be paid. Case in point? Tronic chief Christian Smith‘s thoughtful reinterpretation of Alexander Kowalski’s seminal “Speaker Attack.”

Twelve years after its initial release, Smith’s new take on the throwback track is multifaceted. Eschewing Kowalski’s relentless hard techno pace, Smith expertly lends the track some room to breathe at 125 bpm, while retaining the original’s edge in the form of foreboding pads and chugging percussion. By the time Smith’s arcing arpeggiators enter the picture three minutes in, it’s clear that he has delivered the patient arrangement approach and production value necessary for the track to hold water in the modern techno climate.

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