Armin van Buuren – Save My Night (Blasterjaxx Remix) [Preview]Armin Van Buuren Save My Night Blasterja Remi

Armin van Buuren – Save My Night (Blasterjaxx Remix) [Preview]

While Armin van Buuren‘s latest single “Save My Night” is still enjoying its time in the spotlight, a new contender has emerged for airplay. After taking on arguably one of the most iconic trance tunes of all time last year with their reimagining of Tiesto’s “Adagio for Strings,” Dutch duo Blasterjaxx are again bringing an unconventional sound to the genre. Gone is the classic cascading effect, absent are the synth swells and relegated to the background is the baritone vocal sample, but in their place are elements that skip the euphoria and go straight to the climax. Introed with a vintage distortion, the pair’s rework keeps the original melody but re-purposes it as a foil to their unrelenting synth stabs and frenzied electro note play. If you had never heard the original you wouldn’t peg this as a remix, but such is the duo’s gift.

Release Date: TBD

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