Best Day Of My Life – American Authors (Just A Gent Remix)Just A Gent

Best Day Of My Life – American Authors (Just A Gent Remix)

Late-2013 smash hit “Best Day of my Life” made a massive splash as New York-based musicians American Authors made an exciting mainstream debut. Australian producer Just A Gent went to work on the indie-inspired jam, taking a euphoric dubstep approach to the original track. Maintaining beautiful guitar riffs and vocal calls throughout the song, the up-and-coming bright bass music prodigy has brought light synths to the face of plucked strings and produced lyrical emotion. While both synth-focused sections lift off into Just A Gent’s inspired depiction of the American Authors’ joyous success, the second of the two provides a chopped synth-stab delivering the appropriate energy to set the scene for the track’s closing.

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