Big Gigantic – The Night Is Young (ft. Cherub) (Original Mix) [Preview]Big Gigantic The Night Is Young

Big Gigantic – The Night Is Young (ft. Cherub) (Original Mix) [Preview]

Big Gigantic‘s latest installment comes rushing to the forefront in the form of groovy electro-jazz — an innate talent held almost exclusively by Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken. “The Night Is Young,” featuring vocals from Cherub, maintains the refreshing drive and meticulous saxophone play that we saw a few months prior in “Touch The Sky.” While the latter honed in on incorporating jazzy elements blanketed within an electronic structure, “The Night Is Young” contains a predominantly instrumental backbone.

Showcasing a saxophone solo courtesy of Lalli at about the halfway point, Big Gigantic’s newest release flourishes in its groovy, disco flair that sets itself apart from its electro-heavy counterpart. While the two tracks are only a small indication of what is to come in the Colorado duo’s upcoming album, The Night Is Young, fans can expect to hear a fine balance between the dichotomous influences of jazz and DJ-style production. The Night Is Young will be released via iTunes on February 11th.

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