Brett Gould drops the rhythm for Glasgow Underground return [EP Review]Brett Gould

Brett Gould drops the rhythm for Glasgow Underground return [EP Review]

Upon entry to 2014, it was unlikely that Brett Gould was to maintain his underdog stripes. As we found with 2013’s “You Stay,” reputable house mongers Glasgow Underground have proven a more than fitting home for the London-based talent’s budding prospects. His second coming to the label falls in the form of three well-oiled originals, placing the label-hopping breakout firmly in the favor of a market longing for affirmative action among the waves of overnight house evangelists. The dreamy and melodic textures of “Rhythm Drop” are quickly eclipsed with razor sharp grooves and strategically executed bass surges, promptly setting the precedent for this short-playing return. From here, Gould keeps listeners on their toes, leaving the docile “Desire” to strike bearings with the compositional layers more commonly found in the progressive suit. “Burning” is a particularly striking specimen of peak time house music at its most conventional, leaving Brett Gould stood as one of the more inspiring signs of life on the front lines of British house music for the first quarter.

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