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Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Fatboy Slim and more take a stand against oil drilling in Ibiza

With months to go before Ibiza re-opens its doors for the 2014 season, several of its more prominent residents are doing their best to thrust the paradise isle – and a threat to its existence – into the spotlight. Scottish company Cairn Energy was given allowance in 2011 by the Spanish government to drill for oil in an area between Ibiza and the coast, a decision that could have permanently devastating effects on the environment’s local marine life. In fear of destroying the valuable landscape and wildlife that creates Ibiza’s haven, several of the island’s prominent nightclubs along with recognized DJs and producers have gathered together in creating and spreading word for a petition.

Carl Cox, Pete Tong, Fatboy Slim, Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, and Sasha are just a few of the notable artists that spend weeks, if not months, fulfilling Ibiza residencies and who have taken a stand to ‘Say No to Oil Drilling in Ibiza.’

Space Ibiza’s website explains the dire consequences if the oil drilling continues: “If you love the Mediterranean sea, its coasts and beaches, its valuable wildlife; if you do not want to see oil platforms in the sea; if you don’t want to find oil polluting the waters or messing the coast; if you do not want the death of cetaceans, turtles and seabirds, or disappearance of fishing, then this should interest you.”

Though only physical petitions have an opportunity to stand against the Spanish government and their decision, an online petition created has allowed international citizens to show their support in the cause. The petition (available in Spanish) can be accessed here.

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