Coldplay tap Jon Hopkins for production on ‘Midnight’Coldplay

Coldplay tap Jon Hopkins for production on ‘Midnight’

Not a name typically associated with electronic music, Coldplay pulled a Beyonce and released their latest single “Midnight” without any prior announcement or unwarranted buzz (take that 30-second EDM teaser clips). ┬áProduced by the estimable Jon Hopkins, the London-based electronic producer who has worked for the likes of Imogen Heap and Brian Eno, Coldplay’s latest is ambient electronica at its best.

Downtempo and grippingly beautiful, “Midnight” is far cry from most of Coldplay’s back catalog, finding a home in the electronic music conversation rather than radio airwaves.

Will Coldplay’s latest album be fully electronic or is “Midnight” merely an experiment? Only time will tell.

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