[DA Exclusive] Max Cooper – Numb feat. Kathrin deBoer (Album Version)Ma Cooper

[DA Exclusive] Max Cooper – Numb feat. Kathrin deBoer (Album Version)

The inimitable Max Cooper is gearing up for the release of his debut album, Human, on March 10th. Known for his intelligent techno and avant-garde electronica, the London-based producer’s upcoming LP will be the culmination of an inspired career spanning seven years of official releases. Dancing Astronaut has the privilege of premiering the album mix to “Numb,” a track originally unveiled nearly a year ago by way of an allegorical, animated music video.

“Numb” is probably the most club-oriented cut on the album. That being said, in typical Cooper style, it’s flourishing with a mind-bending, mechanical aura. It’s colossal bassline stretches from the subsonic realm to warmer midrange frequencies, congealing the track’s sporadic, glitchy percussion together into an engrossing atmosphere of industrial bliss. Kathrin deBoer’s reverb-coated vocals drift in and out with psychedelic ease, adding to the track’s spiritual ambiance and helping cement “Numb” as a fine example of cerebral techno.

Pre-order Max Cooper’s Human here.

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