DA Premiere: Noisecontrollers – WHAT?! (Original Mix)Noisecontrollers All Around

DA Premiere: Noisecontrollers – WHAT?! (Original Mix)

Having recently announced his first solo albumĀ All Around, Noisecontrollers is causing quite a stir in the hardstyle world. With lead single “All Around the World” at his back, Bas has formerly initiated the hype train. Capitalizing on the rising anticipation, Noisecontrollers unveil the second single, “WHAT?!” The track begins like a Spartan army preparing for battle: the slow pounding of the halftime hardstyle kick is the beating of blade on shield; the charged declarations are the commands of a general heralding his troops. As the tune picks up, we’re thrown into a chaotic spiral of tearing synths and distorted drums.”WHAT?!”pushes forward with a relentless drive, sieging everything in its path — it even boasts a surprise dubstep/glitch hop section in the last minute, showing off Bas’s knack for spontaneity. The track will be released alongside Noisecontrollers’ forthcoming album, due out on Q-Dance on March 14th.

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