DA Premiere: user601586061 – Superfriends.Superfriends

DA Premiere: user601586061 – Superfriends.

When the blogosphere stumbled upon the ‘Moves Like Ms. Jackson’ track last week, rampant speculation of a Disclosure and Outkast Coachella appearance swept the frenzied internet. Though nobody still can correctly identify the artist, another track with similar album art has surfaced, this time called “Superfriends.” The familiar ‘Z’ is overlayed on top of the black and white cover art, accompanying this time an original track.

The unidentified artist (who goes by a mysteriously generic user name) again packs a wobbly UK garage bass and the same falsetto croon, but also with deep rap lyrics sprinkled throughout the song. With no hint of how many tracks are to follow, we can only hope this will become a weekly routine.

Via: SoundCloud

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