Daft Punk contribute to upcoming Pharrell album, credited as vocalists on ‘Gust of Wind’Daft Punk 0128

Daft Punk contribute to upcoming Pharrell album, credited as vocalists on ‘Gust of Wind’

Serving as the vocalist for smash hit and lead single “Get Lucky” along with “Lose Yourself to Dance,” Pharrell had been the front man to Daft Punk ‘s band — not only on Random Access Memories, but along their victory lap and now beyond. There’s more in store, however, than picking up awards. Returning the favor, Thomas and Guy have produced for Pharrell’s upcoming GIRL album, which also follows RAM for a Columbia Records release on March 3rd. Daft Punk is credited as featured artists on just on track, “Gust of Wind.” According to NME, who’d heard the album ready, however, the robots are on vocal duties on this record — leaving the possibility that they’ve contributed production to the remainder of the album wide open.

Here’s what NME had to say about Pharrell and Daft Punk’s “Gust of Wind” after an early listening session:

“Pharrell’s favourite track – the lyric came to him in a dream – is another widescreen epic, all Bond-ish string surges and French Touch beats. It’s about how he can feel his lover’s emotions when he opens the window and puts his hands into the breeze. The euphoria of the hook is contrasted with a certain sense of awe-struck unease in the verses. Is there a part of that atmosphere, and perhaps even a smidgen of the melody, that he’s lifted from Helen Reddy’s spookily mysterious 40-year-old hit ‘Angie Baby’? With a knowledge of pop as deep and broad as Williams’s – and, given that it’s a song about a “special lady” with mystical powers who uses loud music to defend herself against an evil male attacker – it’s certainly possible. This track’s backing vocalists? It’s only Daft Punk.”

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