deadmau5 transforms his Ferrari into Nyan CatDeadmau52

deadmau5 transforms his Ferrari into Nyan Cat

Joel Zimmerman proves his who gives a fuck attitude extends far beyond his social media persona with his latest creation: a brand new skin for his “Coffee Run” Ferrari dedicated to the internet meme Nyan Cat. ¬†Met with mixed reactions from adoring fans and vengeful Ferrari apologists, deadmau5 quickly squelched his critics with some choice words of wisdom on his Facebook page;

“if you think the car’s bad… you should see what i did to my bathroom wallpaper. Isn’t it fun to do things your own way and just not give a fuck? try it, you’ll like it. i promise.”

Joel had been working on the skin for a few weeks, uploading some work in progress shots as it all came together but even then it was still unclear whether or not he would seriously make a Nyan Cat Ferrari… turns out he was dead serious.¬†Shots of the mau5’s latest ride may be available to the public but his latest music is tucked safely away on the platform — an essential suckscription for anyone who considers themselves a deadmau5 fan.

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