Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – Get Low (Original Mix)Dj Snake Dillon Francis Get Low Track Artwork

Dillon Francis & DJ Snake – Get Low (Original Mix)

Doing away with the conventional polishing you may find on Mad Decent releases, Dillon Francis and DJ Snake use “Get Low” to display an electrifyingly disparate 100bpm Arabian-moomba-trap-electro drop. Ditching the DJ Hansel and DJ Rich As Fu*k monikers for a short time, Dillon Francis returns to his moombahton roots while DJ Snake brings a big room splash that makes the daunting bass hits so appealing. A calming, relatively speaking, bridge is injected into the mid-section of the track before the producers push the synth back to a more electro festival-stab format. While the two musicians have had overwhelmingly successful solo years, as a team the crowd-pleasing bass lovers execute their collaboration in a fantastic manner.

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