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Dirty South and Rudy Sandapa announce collaborative project, ‘Ruben Haze’

Following the trend of interesting collaborations going around, from Jack U to New World Punx, Australian producer Dirty South has broken a three-month silence to announce his latest project, ‘Ruben Haze.’ Introduced as the embodiment of both Dirty South and vocalist Rudy Sandapa’s creative spirit, Ruben Haze serves as both the partnership’s new title as well as the moniker of a fictional painted character who stars in the duo’s first lyric video release for his breakout role. For their debut offering, Ruben Haze has revamped a previous favorite, “City of Dreams.” The familiar Dirty South progressive house tune created with Alesso and first released in 2013 has undergone a melodic breakdown and rearrangement with heavier focus on Rudy’s vocal chorus lines.

Fans awaiting new house music from Dirty South may have to wait just a little longer as the producer turns to a more acoustic-focused sound for the time being. Beginning with strong piano and string soundscapes, the floating rendition of “City of Dreams” sets the ethereal tone for what’s to come from Ruben Haze as the duo also reveals titles of future tracks “Phoenix,” “Johnny Rocket Man,” and collaboration with Example for “One Way Ticket” — all of which will be bundled for an upcoming EP release. To further emphasize their project as a whole, Ruben Haze has elected to represent their songs through detailed comic-book inspired illustrations which will also be released in tandem with the EP as a PDF or iBook booklet.

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