Disclosure and Lorde team up, perform ‘Royals’ and ‘White Noise’ at BRIT AwardsLorde A

Disclosure and Lorde team up, perform ‘Royals’ and ‘White Noise’ at BRIT Awards

Earlier this year, the BRIT Awards‘ official Twitter account mysteriously alluded to an unexpected, but warmly welcomed collaboration between the year’s newly dubbed mega-popstar Lorde and electronic’s breakthrough brothers, Disclosure. As promised, the UK equivalent of the Grammys premiered tonight with a special once-in-a-lifetime mash up of the trio of talented young artists. Watch above as the enchanting performance commences with Lorde’s unmistakable “Royals” as trademark Disclosure snare hits and drum beats hint towards a mash of the duo’s most successful tracks. A larger-than-life Lorde headshot illuminates the stage with the signature Disclosure cover art of obscured white outlines blinks in sync with the incoming melodies of “White Noise.” Following the first dropping chimes of “White Noise,” the New Zealand singer makes way to share the stage with singer Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge who bounces across the stage and finishes the Disclosure track with gusto.


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