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Don Diablo & Matt Nash unveil romantic music video for ‘Starlight’

Don Diablo and Matt Nash’s “Starlight” was a shining, feel-good track of the 2013 festival season. Now, half a year after its original release on Axtone Records, the track has returned with a partnering music video in addition to a vocal re-release of equal passionate caliber. Channeling the tune’s romanticized essence, the video follows the journey of a couple that stumble into love at a rave. Viewers follow the pair’s prominent life milestones from their kandi-clad light show moments to a scenic wedding march down the aisle and even until old age as they embrace, reminiscing on their tender moments and heartfelt love. The short film’s director, Kyle Padilla, told Billboard, “[EDM] is my generation’s genre so I wanted to pay homage to what I believe makes it special – its ability to connect people and facilitate experiences that help to create lifelong relationships.”

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