Duck Sauce tease new album,  ‘That took a really long time to make’Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce tease new album, ‘That took a really long time to make’

Duck Sauce emerged onto the scene a few short years ago, and along with the disco delights dropped by duo since 2009, a grip of the most trivial global occurrences have since unfolded. Since the duo first released “aNYway,” Sony discontinued the Walkman, sexting and twerking became canonized in the Oxford English dictionary, 174 billion hours were wasted on YouTube and Armand Van Helden sent a staggering zero tweets. Although seemingly irrelevant, consider that Duck Sauce at the core is a product of such jovial frivolity, and thus their new teaser is quintessential quack.

Veteran crate-diggers A-Trak and Armand Van Helden have always held themselves to a light-hearted, nonsensical standard, and their short teaser hyping Quack most certainly reflects the code the Ducks live by. Although the video is packed with junk facts, the teaser actually does deliver some delicious details to look forward to. Not only is the entire tracklist now available, but a link to preview each of the 12 tracks on the full length LP is now available as well.

Check out the teaser, and be prepared for what should be one of the most intriguing, fresh, and exciting releases of the year. Quack is due sometime this spring, speculatively slated for April, via Fool’s Gold Records. Until then, previews accessed through a link in the teaser video’s description, and a tasty tracklist should hold us over.

Full Quack-list:

1. Chariots of the Gods (feat. Rockets)
2. Charlie Chazz & Rappin Ralph
3. It’s You
4. Goody Two Shoes
5. Radio Stereo
6. aNYway
7. NRG
8. Everyone (feat. Teddy Toothpick)
9. Ring Me
10. Barbara Streisand
11. Spandex
12. Time Waits For No One

Put more Sauce on it!

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